Word Is Bond (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)

by Caural

Boombox Mask 03:00
No Blow Pops 00:21
East side, west side Off the top, yeah, you know me Turnin' hoes out from the Frisco to O.C. In the candy shop - no blow pops - they blow Obi Y'all niggas on some puppet shit: Pee-wee & Globey
We & You 02:40
Heliopause 01:41
I said "skip to my Lew", your Balance ain't New You Goodwill kicks crusted with poo No Nike swoosh, so fermez la bouche Plus my size ten shoe'll loosen your tooth The truth? He a leprechaun with no Lucky Charms And I heard he got a little prick The girls call it a Skittle dick And all the pretty chicks said they don't wanna lick Cause only an insane ho would wanna taste this rainbow You lame bro You think you the best emcee? Nigga, you better stop He the type that's easy to drop Y'all gonna see this lil sucker get his Tootsie popped
Sorceress 02:15


The first new work by veteran beat maker Caural in nearly ten years is the original soundtrack for the film he co-produced, Word Is Bond, which premiered at Outfest Fusion in Los Angeles in March 2019. It’s a return to and reinvention of the style he grew across a critically acclaimed catalog on Chocolate Industries, Mush, and other foundation builders for the modern day “beat scene”. Eschewing genre in favor of sound, while celebrating Hip Hop as the blueprint of its spirit, this collection of new material is an extrapolation of the musical vignettes in the film that bring its characters to life.

Word Is Bond is the debut film of writer and director, Alex Mastoon (Caural’s wife). Rewinding to the twilight of rap’s golden era, this evocative and music-driven short is less a narrative than a poetic meditation - a visual verse - unveiling the struggle shared by so many in the LGBTQ community afraid to be themselves: a reality largely ignored - especially in the rap world.

Watch it here: www.youtube.com/watch?v=MUdK3aDKhpg


released April 2, 2019

All songs written & produced by Caural (Zachary Mastoon, BMI)
Published by He Heard Himself Say, BMI

Design by Caural
Handstyles by Al Tamper: www.tampertron.com
Original Photo by Jaan Kristjan Utno: jkutno.myportfolio.com
Mastered by Steve Kitch: www.audiomaster.co.uk


all rights reserved



Caural New York, New York

Recording his first music on a Casio beginning at six, Caural (born Zachary Mastoon) went on to play in multiple bands before studying jazz improvisation with avant-garde giant Anthony Braxton, Javanese Gamelan aboard Semester At Sea, and experimental music at NYU. He began fusing his disparate influences together quite literally in 1999 with what became his signature instrument: a Yamaha SU700. ... more

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